Cocktail Masterclass!

Our latest event was the cocktail masterclass at the Warwick Street Social. It was a great turn out and we made some of the nicest cocktails we've ever encountered! 

We decided to make this event quite an intimate one as we all had to have a go at making a cocktail. There were six cocktails to make with one being totally written off as it was so gross haha! Sorry pina colada but you are not our cup of tea! 

One of the main reasons we hosted this event was because we wanted to have a special cocktail for our forthcoming Christmas meal on 25th November (if you're interested, tickets are now limited so email us and we will send you details and PayPal link)

Scott was our cocktail guru for the evening and was really informative. He really knew his stuff and was a real laugh! He may of smashed a glass...but it's fine! 

Apparently when someone shakes a cocktail shaker they are showing us their sex face, this was the butt of most of the jokes throughout the evening. Scott had to turn around at one point so he didn't show us his face, lol. 

(the cocktail crew!)

The cocktails we made were:
Pina Colada
Spiced Gingerbread
Pumpkin Fizz
Candy Cane

It was a bit of a no brainer but the Spiced Gingerbread won hands down. The Candy Cane was a close second which, for all of you who are attending our Christmas meal will be able to try both! You will all be greeted with a Spiced Gingerbread (unless you would like something different) and if you fancy it, the Candy Cane will be on the menu as an after dinner cocktail. It's very fresh and minty, a bit like an After Eight but better! 

(our new mate)

We would like to thank everyone who attended and to Tom and Scott from Warwick Street Social who made the evening possible :) 

Don't forget to send us an email if you would like to sign up to our newsletter and/or Christmas meal!

Much love, 

Courteney, Justine & Hannah xoxoxo

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